the entire collection - 100% handmade

by Ingravido D. - the leashing

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hundeleine Leckerlibeutel Halsband  Hundehalsband Apportierball Spender für Kotbeutel pink Armband Schluesselanhaenger handmade handgemacht paracord kreuzknoten vegan stabil karabiner ingravido hanstedt online shop in der naehe werkstatt manufaktur Set Kollektion für Deinen Hund

the collection in pink 100% handmade

by Ingravido D.

to the leashes

our entire collection

for you and your dog ... your four-legged friend

Cross knot, monkey fist, braided 4 times round?

This is how our products are created with loving and traditional craftsmanship.
Our collection includes 10 different products in a wide range of colours.

How about a dog collar plus leash and the matching treat bag
and a color-coordinated key fob for you?

Put together your own collection for you and your four-legged friend.

We wish you a lot of fun!