Bracelets - 100% Handmade

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Color - White

custom made bracelets

by Ingravido D.

This is traditional craftsmanship. The cross knots - known from macramé and sailing ships - are high-quality and precisely knotted bracelets made of paracord (parachute cord) and are 100% handmade.

They are knotted from a single band, making the bracelet very strong, secure and durable. The soft structure of the paracord makes it very comfortable to wear.

Choose your favorite color for your bracelet from many different colors and provide it with the matching gold, silver or rose gold-colored click clasp.

Put together your own vegan and sustainable collection! Perhaps a matching dog collar plus leash for your four-legged friend?


Width approx. 2.00 cm

All products in the collection can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C in a laundry bag. Then simply let them air dry.

Please avoid unrestricted sunlight on the products, as they - like all textiles - can otherwise fade.

Shipping within Germany is free of charge and CO2 neutral.