Dog Leashes - 100% Handmade

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Color - White

high-quality hand-braided towing lines

by Ingravido D.

This is traditional craftsmanship. The paracord (parachute) leash is 100% handmade. It is braided from two bands, which makes the towing line very stable, safe and durable. In addition, the leash is very light and your dog can easily pull it behind you. You both have freedom, but you can influence your dog at any time.

We deliberately did without a hand strap on the leash so that your dog cannot get caught anywhere when running freely.

Choose your favorite from many different colors and attach the matching gold, silver or rose gold-colored carabiner to the leash.

For your dog ... leash, collar .... Put together your own vegan and sustainable collection.


  • Width about 1 cm
  • length 500 cm | 600cm | 700 cm

You prefer a different length for your towing line? This is not a problem. To do this, simply contact us.

All products in the collection can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C in a laundry bag. Then simply let them air dry.

Please avoid unrestricted sunlight on the products, as they - like all textiles - can otherwise fade.

Shipping within Germany is free of charge and CO2 neutral.

Dog leash FAQs

When does your dog have to be on a leash?

Basically whenever you are in public. This also includes, for example, city parks, public paths, pedestrian areas, restaurants and public transport.

During the closed season from April 1st to July 15th, the leash is mandatory in the forest.

Unfortunately, there is no uniform regulation for all federal states in Germany, each federal state decides for itself. You can find detailed information at the local authorities in your federal state.

When is your dog allowed to walk without a leash?

In most federal states, your dog is allowed to walk on forest paths without a leash outside of the closed season for our forest dwellers, i.e. from April 1st to July 15th. You should always be able to influence your dog, such as using a tow line. Your dog has
Freedom to sniff and explore.