Dog Collars - 100% Handmade

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Color - White
Klickverschluss und Leinenring

custom made dog collars

by Ingravido D.

This is traditional craftsmanship. The dog collar made of paracord (parachute cord) is knotted in a square knot - known from macrame and sailing ships - and is 100% handmade. It is knotted from a single band, which makes the collar very stable, safe and durable for your four-legged friend.

With the individually perfectly adapted - made to measure - dog collar, your dog experiences a pleasant, very comfortable and high wearing comfort.

You have the choice between single or double knotting. With the double knotting method, the collar is wider and therefore ideal for large, but also smaller, strong dogs.

Choose your favorite color for the collar from many different colors and provide it with the matching gold, silver or rose gold-colored click clasp and linen ring.

Put together your own vegan and sustainable collection! Maybe a dog collar and leash? All accessories for your dog, tone on tone ...


  • simply knotted: width approx. 2.5 cm, individual length
  • knotted twice: width approx. 3 cm, individual length

Do you need a different width for your dog collar? For example, do you have a greyhound or a pug? Here we manufacture special widths for you, so that you also feel safe when walking and walking your four-legged friend.  To do this, simply contact us.

    All products in the collection can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C in a laundry bag. Then simply let them air dry.

    Please avoid unrestricted sunlight on the products, as they - like all textiles - can otherwise fade.

    Shipping within Germany is free of charge and CO2 neutral.

    Halsband Hundehalsband Hund passgenau Massband  ingravido

    Collar - how do I measure correctly?

    Measure neck circumference, a little guide for you

    so that your four-legged friend cannot pull himself out of the collar and safety is guaranteed for you and your dog.

    To measure, please only use a tape measure that you put directly on your dog's neck.

    When it comes to our handmade, made-to-measure collars, we consider two variants.

    1st variant
    The head is larger than the neck.
    Then simply measure the circumference of the neck, exactly where the collar should sit or rest.

    2nd variant
    The head is smaller than the neck.
    Then please measure the head circumference at the widest point including the ears.